Leaders & Volunteers

We have a dedicated team of adult volunteers who run the group:

Group Management:
Jacky Rampall – Group Scout Leader
Nirav Patel – Deputy Group Scout Leader
Julian Hewitt – Deputy Group Scout Leader

Scout Troop:
Shem Horsefield – Scout Leader
Adam Topping – Scout Leader
Teresa McMaster – Assistant Scout Leader
James Topping – Assistant Scout Leader
Peter Cackett – Assistant Scout Leader
Christine Topping – Section Assistant

Spitfire Cub Pack:
Dawn Easley – Cub Scout Leader
Graham Easley – Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Steven Easley – Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Jen Melloy – Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Mick Melloy – Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Eddie Easley – Section Assistant
Jim Stevenson – Section Assistant
Benton Nitschke – Section Assistant

Mosquito Cub Pack:
John Goldsmith – Cub Scout Leader
Katie Alder – Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Michael Franklin – Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Cameron Mundy – Section Assistant
Sharon Mundy – Section Assistant

Sherwood Beaver Colony:
Elizabeth Laker – Beaver Scout Leader
Samantha Franklin – Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
James Thomas – Section Assistant
Sue Patel – Section Assistant

Delamere Beaver Colony:
Lorraine Pullman – Beaver Scout Leader
Heather Coupe – Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
Nicola Daniel – Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
Darcey Holmes – Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
Paige Thomas – Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
Stephen Bull – Section Assistant

Group Executive Committee:
Sean Cheasley – Group Chair
Linda Thomas – Group Secretary
Mike Topping – Group Treasurer
Jacky Rampall – Ex-officio member (GSL)
Nirav Patel – Ex-officio member (DGSL)
Julian Hewitt – Ex-officio member (DGSL)
Annie Holmes – Group Executive Committee Member
April Mothersele – Group Executive Committee Member
Andrew Mothersele – Group Executive Committee Member
Karen Norton – Group Executive Committee Member
David Ward – Group Executive Committee Member
Michelle Dennis – Group Executive Committee Member
Cheryl Holland – Group Executive Committee Member

Group Scout Active Support Unit:
Stephanie Plews-Baker – Scout Active Support Member
Paula Greenwood – Scout Active Support Member
William Holmes – Scout Active Support Member