Top Awards Unit

Our Top Awards Unit includes Young Leaders aged between 14 to 17 years old.

After our young people finish Scouts at fourteen years old, they can choose to become an Explorer Scout within the District and many stay on within our Scout Group to become Young Leaders and support younger sections as part of our Top Awards Unit.

In addition to the weekly sessions that Young Leaders support, we also run a monthly session with them to support them through their Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards as well as supporting them through the Young Leaders’ Scheme.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is an awards programme which gives young people the chance to make friends, have fun and build confidence in an empowering, exciting and non-competitive learning environment.

By taking part, young people build on a huge range of practical and character skills – like resilience, problem-solving, team-working and drive – and come out the other side with a stronger sense of self (something really brilliant to put on their CV), or talk about in their uni and job applications).

There are three award levels to achieve:
Bronze – for those aged 14+ years*
Silver – for those aged 15+ years*
Gold – for those aged 16+ years

Young people build their own custom DofE programme: choosing from a range of skills-based challenges, physical activities, volunteering opportunities and expeditions to suit their interests and goals.

As part of their Gold Award, they also take part in a residential activity.

Scouts can complete their DofE while they’re in Explorers or Network, linking their achievements to the Chief Scout’s PlatinumDiamond and Queen’s Scout Awards. As well as the Young Leaders’ Scheme.

* If a young person isn’t 14 or 15 yet, but is in the school year in which their peer group turns 14/15, they can start their respective award. All activities must be completed by a young person’s 25th birthday.

Further information about DofE can be found at: and at: or by speaking to one of our leaders.

Young Leaders’ Scheme

The Young Leaders’ Scheme is a programme of 10 training modules and four missions (projects) designed to help and support those aged between 14 to 18 who work with a section (Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts) as a Young Leader. It gives Young Leaders the skills and knowledge to act as part of the section leadership team, and covers subjects such as a balanced, quality programme, Child Protection, First Aid and leadership skills.

Completion of the Young Leaders’ Scheme modules are based on attendance. The Missions are where this learning can be put into practice (a similar concept to validation in the Adult Training Scheme).

The Young Leaders’ Scheme is designed to help Young Leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed in their current role, which can be built on if they decide to take out an adult appointment.

Note: Only Module A of the Young Leaders’ Scheme is compulsory, so it’s important to discuss which Modules and Missions have been completed in order to identify what additional learning may be needed.

Further information about the Young Leaders’ Scheme can be found at: or by speaking to one of our leaders.

Although we offer the provision of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Young Leaders’ Scheme within the Scout Group within our Top Awards Unit, we also encourage all Young Leaders/Explorer Scouts to participate in the District run DofE and Young Leaders’ events as well.