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As Scouting is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, 1st St Lawrence Scout Group have launched Scouting 4 Indoors, a webpage of challenges and resources to allow all our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to continue Scouting flexibly at home. This webpage will continue to evolve over time with more resources and challenges for our young people to complete.

New ‘Scouting 4 Indoors’ Group Badge:
Scouting 4 Indoors Badge
We are launching this new ‘Scouting 4 Indoors’ Group badge for every Beaver, Cub or Scout that takes part in at least two challenges set by the Group. Badges will be awarded when we return!

Group Challenges (towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):

Group Summer Fair Challenge (counts towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):
Are you able to design a poster for our Group Summer Fair on an A4 sheet? The best poster will be used in our publicity to promote the event. Please leave the “date” and “time” field blank on the poster as we are still uncertain when the event will take place. Email your completed poster to:

Skip’s Group Challenge (counts towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):
Here’s an activity for you to enjoy with your family. As you know I’m relaxing on a tropical island at the moment. Can you make your own tropical island using any resources that you may have at home. I’ll toast your efforts with a local cocktail! Bonne chance! – Skip (Post your effort on our Facebook Group:

Group Easter Challenge (counts towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):
THIS EVENT HAS FINISHED – It’s time to design an Easter bonnet to wear for a virtual parade! Beavers, Cubs and Scouts get busy with your imagination. We look forward to seeing someone in your family proudly wearing your creation. (Post your effort on our Facebook Group:

Group St George’s Day Challenge 2020 (counts towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):
St George's Day Challenge Facebook 2020

THIS EVENT HAS FINISHED – In ‘Scouting for Boys’ (Baden-Powell’s book), Lord Robert Baden-Powell said:

“St George is the Patron Saint of Scouts everywhere. Therefore all Scouts should know his story. St George was typical of what a Scout should be. When St George was faced by a difficulty or danger, however great it appeared, even in the shape of a dragon – he did not avoid it or fear it but went at it with all the power he could. That is exactly the way a Scout should face a difficulty no matter how great or how terrifying it may appear. He/she should go at it boldly and confidently, using every power that they can to try and overcome it, and the probability is that they will succeed.”

Thursday 23rd April 2020 is St George’s Day and this is a special day for all members of Scouting. St George is the Patron Saint of Scouting and every year we would usually parade on the nearest Sunday to St George’s Day to celebrate our Scouting successes across the year, to renew the Beaver, Cub and Scout Promise and to remind ourselves of the Scout Law. This year we would like you all to wear the top half of your uniform (necker and Beaver/Cub jumper or Scout shirt) and make a thank you sign for a key worker with the St George’s Cross at the bottom. Post a photo of you wearing your uniform and holding your sign and we will compile a video with you all on virtual parade.

We look forward to seeing you all wearing your uniform and holding your sign!

Group Natural Materials Challenge (Beavers & Cubs) (counts towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):
Skip sends us an activity for Beavers and Cubs. Can you make your name using only natural materials? She has managed to make the word Skip with grapefruit seeds, snail shells, a ninny which is a local fruit in Mauritius and some flowers.

Group VE Day 75th Anniversary Challenge (counts towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):

THIS EVENT HAS FINISHED – 8th May 2020 marks 75 years since the Victory in Europe Day, the point in 1945 when Sir Winston Churchill announced the end of the World War II following the Germany’s surrender the day before. As part of our Group celebrations for this event, we would like you (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) to complete this exciting challenge (this one counts towards our Group “Scouting 4 Indoors” badge).

  1. Pick a person from the image below and using things you can find in your home, create a costume and dress up like them.
  2. Devise a character for the person you have dressed up in by creating a name, age and description of who they are.
  3. Research about what rationing was, perhaps speak to someone who may have experienced rationing?
  4. Prepare a ration style meal.

We hope you will enjoy this challenge and remember to complete all four parts of the challenge. We look forward to seeing your efforts in the comments below!

Chief’s Group Cooking Challenge 1 (counts towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):
Open to everyone, not just Scouts: When we go to camp we almost always have an open fire (with the exception of jamborees and large activity camps). In Scouts, patrols have their own altar fires to cook their meals on. In order to keep a fire going you always need a good, well stocked woodpile. But one important thing is, that a woodpile needs to be graded, starting with tinder through to large slow burning logs. I would like you all to build a model graded woodpile, if you don’t have wood or twigs and branches use your imagination and utilise anything that might represent wood. Your model woodpile can be any size and scale you want, if you are lucky enough to have a big garden with lots of spare wood you could make a full size one. Whatever you choose to do please do not go attacking your Parents’ trees and shrubs, nor cut up Dad’s supply of woodworking materials! Good luck and let’s see lots of photos of your finished graded woodpile models on our Facebook Group: (

Chief’s Group Cooking Challenge 2 (counts towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):
We all love eggy bread at camp. There are lots of ways of having it with sweet or savoury toppings or combinations of both. I challenge you to cook and show your eggy bread with its choice of toppings. Over my many years of Scouting I’ve seen lots of variations – so can you surprise Chief? Get cooking and enjoy! (Post your effort on our Facebook Group:

Chief’s Group Cooking Challenge 3 (counts towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):
Following the success of Eggy Bread and seeing all your wonderful, tasty creations, I have another traditional camp delicacy to share and challenge you. Another Scout Camp favourite is Cheese Dreams, if you don’t like cheese you could try spam dreams which are nice too. You will need two slices of bread, butter and cheese. Plus a frying pan.

My preferred method: make a cheese sandwich 🥪, but add butter to the outside of the bread not the inside. Heat a frying pan or griddle until quite hot (take care – adult supervision). Place the buttered cheese sandwich in the pan and turn occasionally. Cook until golden brown on each side and the cheese is melted. Serve and enjoy!

A slight variation is instead of butter on the outside, the sandwich can be fried in a little oil. Advice is to not use too much oil as the bread will absorb an excess of oil. You can eat the cheese (or spam) dream plain or with sauce or something else and you can add something in with the cheese when you cook it. So get cooking and let’s see your creations. (Post your effort on our Facebook Group:

Chief’s Group Cooking Challenge 4 (counts towards Scouting 4 Indoors Group badge):
As most Scouts who have camped before will know, when we go to camp everyone is asked to bring a camp cake to share during the week. Whilst we have many lovely cakes brought along, which we are grateful for, only a few are home made. Given what busy lives we all lead, there isn’t usually time available to produce a homemade masterpiece. My challenge to Scouts (or anyone in other sections) this week, is to bake a cake using your own choice of recipe. Instead of it going to camp make and share it with your family.

Please post a picture of you making it and another when you’ve baked and decorated it.
Maybe when we can resume camping you will all be sufficiently skilled to make one to bring along to camp. (Post your effort on our Facebook Group:

Kent Scouts MAYhem 2020 Badge:

THIS EVENT HAS FINISHED – As a County, we are trying to get as many people to camp at home during May as part of the Kent Scouts MAYhem 2020 badge. A huge well done to everyone that took part in the Northumberland Scouts #CampAtHome challenge during April. There will be a live campfire on the Kent Scouts Facebook and YouTube pages on Saturday 16th May 2020 for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to take part in the MAYhem 2020 badge then the challenges for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts can be found at: We look forward to awarding the badges when we return back to physical Scouting! (Post your effort on our Facebook Group:

The Great Indoors Weekender:

As a Scout Group, we are taking part in The Great Indoors Weekender #TGIWeekender. This is the UK’s biggest summer camp from home on 11th-12th July 2020. There will be surprise celebrity guests, cooking, crafts, music and more. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will get the chance to have fun while learning skills like giving stuff a go, thinking for themselves, and playing their part. The event is ‘dip in-dip out’ so you can take part in whichever activities you wish to. Build a base camp with objects around your home, or perhaps a tent if you have one, connect up using a mobile, tablet or computer and then you’re all set! Don’t forget to share a photo of you taking part on our Facebook Group: Your relevant Section Leader will be arranging the badges for the event, so please let them know if you wish to take part. Further information including the programme for both days of the event can be found at:

Beaver Scout Resources & Challenges:
Beavers Home Badge Book (docx)
Beavers Badge Pack (pdf)
Beavers Book Reader Badge (pdf)

For Delamere and Sherwood Beaver Challenges, please speak to your leaders.

Cub Scout Resources & Challenges:
Cubs Home Badge Book (docx)
Cubs Badge Pack (pdf)

For Spitfire and Mosquito Cub Challenges, please speak to your leaders.

Scout Resources & Challenges:
Scouts Home Badge Book (docx)
Scouts Badge Pack (pdf)

The Scout Challenge (World Challenge Award):

World Challenge Award Scouts

Part 1 – As may of you know, Skip visits Mauritius very often. The Dodo is an extinct bird from Mauritius. Find out about the Dodo and write up your findings. In addition to this, please make a model of a Dodo using waste or recycled materials. Take a photo and post it on our Facebook Group: ( and tell everyone a bit of information about the Dodo and why it became extinct.

Part 2 – The World Membership badge is worn by Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders, all over the world. Find out about what it means and make a chart, using any medium, to display in the Scout hut when we return. Good luck with this. It is very interesting to discover the meaning of this badge.

Part 3 – Vous devez parler dans une autre langue! You need to say a few sentences in a foreign language about yourself. I can, hopefully, understand French, German, Spanish and Hindi, but will need help with other languages! Good luck, bonne chance and vielen Gluck! You can save your attempt until we return or you can try online if you’re brave enough.

Scout Pioneering Challenge:
This structure can be adapted into many camp gadgets! A gateway, a dresser, a swing, a table and benches and many more…!

You will need:
      – 9 skewers (or something similar)
      – A ball of string/sisal
      – Scissors (ensure an adult supervises you with this)

Create the two A-Frames first with diagonal lashings – take care to make sure they are the same size! Then attach the two A-Frames together with the three cross pieces with square lashings. (Post your effort on our Facebook Group:

Pioneering Challenge

Naturalist Scout Activity Badge:

Natrualist Badge Scout

This time of the year is a great time to enjoy all kinds of wildlife and colourful plants.
Take a look at some of the wildlife I have spotted in my garden and out walking the dogs during lockdown. 🦋🐌🦊🐟🌷🍄

Why not see what you can spot in your garden, out of your window or out at the seaside, countryside or park. To earn this badge you will need to identify nature by taking photos, drawing pictures or making a log of what you have spotted. Then you will need to choose one and find out some interesting information about it. (Remember to say where you found your information)

This would go towards Parts 1-4 of your Naturalist activity badge if you don’t already have it! To complete the badge you will have to research and discuss via a report or presentation etc how human activities can affect wildlife (Part 5). (Post your effort on our Facebook Group:

Other General Group Resources & Activities:

The Great Indoors is a webpage of indoor activities provided by The Scout Association:

THIS EVENT HAS FINISHED – Hike to the Moon – Hike a mile at home. Make a donation. Take a giant leap to support the people who need it most. More information at:

Scoutadelic is an unofficial YouTube channel of weekly Scouting related videos:

The James Dyson Foundation have created challenge cards for young people to complete. These challenges are not related to badges, but are lots of fun:

Kids Zone
Hornby, Airfix and Corgi have created a Kids Zone webpage of downloadable colouring, games and quizzes:

THIS EVENT HAS FINISHED – Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) are holding a special edition of their online Scout Jamboree to allow Scouts to connect with other Scouts from all across the globe. This special edition of JOTI is being held from 3rd-5th April 2020 due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. To register to take part for free, visit:

THIS EVENT HAS FINISHED – This is a ‘home camping’ event for all Beavers, Cubs & Scouts. Due to the number of requests, we have agreed to take part in this event as a Scout Group. If your Beaver, Cub or Scout wishes to take part then do sign up. We look forward to seeing the photos of you all camping at home! To sign up, visit:

Kahoot Scouting Quizzes:

Every week we will be creating an online virtual Kahoot quiz relating to Scouting skills and facts, details of how to take part including the weekly Game PINs will be posted every week on our Facebook Group: (

ReQuest 2021 Challenges:
ReQuest 2021 - Logo
ReQuest 2021 Challenge can be found in this link: